Our menu is often changing as we are currently updating, improving, and trying out new items. Keep posted for updates, or better yet, see what our specials are by coming in!

Hot Drinks


coffee (1.75/2)

tea (1.75/2)

espresso (1.75/2)

coffee refill (.75)

café americano (2.3)

espresso macciato (2/2.25)

café latte (3.25/3.75)

chai latte (3.25/3.75)

café mocha (3.50/4)

café au lait (2.5/3)

hot milk steamer (2.5/3.25)

hot cocoa (3.25/3.75)

Cold Drinks

dsc01937iced coffee (SEASONAL) (2.5)

iced coffee refill (1.25)

iced tea (2.5)

iced tea refill (1.25)

iced café latte (3.75)

iced chai latte (3.75)

iced café mocha (3.85)

italian soda (3)

Bottled Drinks

green line sodas (1.65)

bottled drinks (2.5)

orange juice (2.75)


“sandwich of the month” (mp)– seasonal ingredients, price varies

classic turkey sandwich (4.5) — fresh smoked turkey, spring mix, and tomato on whole wheat

turkey croissant (6) — fresh spinach, chopped onions and honey mustard on a LeBus croissant

mozzarella caprese (6) — fresh basil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, salt and pepper on a baguette

vegan chicken salad (5.5) — home-made tempeh chicken salad, arugula, tomato, and pickled red onion on a soft multigrain roll

the Steve (5.5) — a tangy marinated tofu sandwich with tomato, lettuce, sliced red onion & vegan chipotle aioli on ciabatta

breakfast burrito (4.5) — fresh spinach, black beans, red peppers, tomatoes, egg, and cheddar cheese on a tortilla, served warm

sweet potato burrito (4.5) — baked and seasoned sweet potato, black bean and corn salsa, chipotle vegan aioli, spinach and brown rice



Bagels Fresh Daily




french toast





cherry apple walnut

available with: cream cheese, vegan cream cheese, housemade hummus or pesto, jam, butter, peanut butter, or marmalade

Sweets + Treats

LeBus Assorted Muffins and Scones (2.50)

Four Worlds Bakery Croissants: Butter, Almond, Chocolate, Goat Cheese (2.5/3)

Fresh Crust-less Quiches (4)

In addition to our standard items, we are always baking up a storm at GL Baltimore!

Drop by to see what’s fresh out of the oven, be it frosted vegan cupcakes or hot banana chocolate chunk muffins.


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Sundays 8am–9pm
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Green Line | 40th Street GL40
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Green Line | Powelton Village

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