West Philly has been ahead of the curve regarding vegan lifestyle. Since we established our in-house kitchen about four years ago, one of the biggest areas of growth has been the development of our vegan items. We didn’t set out to do this…suggestions from our vegan customers and staff just pulled us along. The response has been great!

Today we’re happy to offer vegan items in all kinds of different “segments” of our menu. For breakfast you can always go with a bagel and vegan cream cheese, fresh-baked vegan muffins, or perhaps our signature Sweet Potato Burrito.

Our incredible soft pretzels, baked fresh daily at West Philly’s Four Worlds Bakery, are vegan, too (not to mention THE BEST soft pretzel you may ever eat).

Grab-n-go lunch offerings begin with our original sandwich “The Steve” (Steve was our beloved barista-turned-kitchen-assistant who invented the sandwich). Tangy marinated tofu with arugula on ciabatta. We also make a mean tempeh-based “chicken” salad, too!

For everyday treats, we think our homemade vegan cookies are pretty unbeatable.

Not vegan? Guess what? Most folks who try our vegan stuff without knowing it’s vegan can’t tell the difference! It’s ALL GOOD!